Dual SIM Cards Might Be Coming to the New iPhone

While rumors continue to circulate surrounding Apple‘s much-anticipated 2018 iPhone(s), the iOS 12 developer beta 5 further suggests that dual SIM support is finally coming to the company’s flagship smartphone, as pointed out by 9to5Mac.

One of the software’s new components, responsible for the generation of diagnostic reports, hints at a “second SIM status” and a “second SIM tray status,” while an additional feature references a “dual SIM device.” Of course, a second SIM tray would mean that the iPhone has two physical SIM cards, as opposed to a regular one and an e-SIM.

Dual SIM cards would allow users to switch between carriers/plans without swapping cards. The feature is also beneficial to European and Asian customers who frequent other countries.

For more on the possibility of dual SIM cards coming to the iPhone, visit 9to5Mac.

Just yesterday we got a look at what are rumored to be dummy models of Apple’s next iPhone.

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