Bow Wow Explodes on Twitter & Starts Sending Money to Fans

Bow Wow (formerly Lil’ Bow Wow), looks to be back making new music, as he recently dropped the official videos for his latest singles “YEAAHH” and “Pussy Talk” earlier this month.

However, last week, the rapper issued a stern warning on Twitter without providing any real context to the tweet.

Then on Saturday, after posting a tweet of photos of him and his girlfriend Kiyomi, a Twitter user accused Bow Wow of being a cheater, who had recorded him one night in the club.

Instead of ignoring the accusation, Bow Wow responded harshly with a series of tweets.

Following those tweets, he began to lash out at bloggers and various entertainment sites commenting on his personal relationships.

He then threatened to quit entertainment to work at a GameStop and then said he would be giving all his money away to random strangers through a cash app. In a recent Instagram post, he showed proof by giving $500 USD to a person named Todd Esson.

Go move to the country in NC with my girl and people never seeing me AGAIN! On life!

A post shared by Bow wow (@shadmoss) on Jul 30, 2018 at 7:25am PDT

Sending my fans money today! I dont want it. This money is evil. Maybe yall can do some good with it… enjoy! Ive already started cash apping. You dont have to like me or love me just know im paying you guys back for all the bs ive put you through. I owe yall 💔

A post shared by Bow wow (@shadmoss) on Jul 30, 2018 at 8:00am PDT

Additionally, with his current emotional state, Bow Wow has just decided to sit out on performing for an upcoming So So Def Tour.

It’s clear that Bow Wow’s social media accounts have not been hacked and may still be planning to give away all his money, so here’s your chance to shoot your shot, and hopefully, he’ll get the help that he needs.

In other music news, Travis Scott announces the release date for ‘Astroworld.’

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