Conor McGregor Rips Vegas Security Guard, You Suck at Your Job!

Conor McGregor

Rips Vegas Security Guard …

You Suck at Your Job!

7/25/2018 9:51 AM PDT


Conor McGregor is firing back at the security guard who claims the UFC star injured him during that crazy 2016 bottle-throwing incident at the Nate Diaz fight presser … saying his accuser sucks at his job. 

The man who filed the lawsuit is William Pegg — who was working for MGM security on Aug. 17, 2016 … when Nate and Conor threw bottles and cans at each other during a heated exchange before UFC 202. 

Pegg says McGregor chucked a can that struck him in the left shoulder and injured him. 

But now, McGregor is telling his side of the story … saying Pegg failed in his duty to provide security at the event and “did nothing” while Nate and his crew initiated the incident by throwing bottles at Conor first. 

“Had [Pegg] met his obligations not only as a security guard on duty during the press conference, but moreover, the person purportedly in charge of security, and protected [Conor] and his friends and family, than this entire incident would have been avoided.”

Conor also admits to throwing objects that day (obviously, it was captured on video) … but says there’s NO PROOF the projectile that struck Pegg was thrown by him. 

The case is due back in court later this year. 

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