Graham Fink & Ziggy Chen Explore Conflicting Identities in “Duets”

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Photographer Rankin’s Annroy Gallery in London is currently hosting multimedia artist Graham Fink’s exhibition “Duets.” The photographic series, produced in partnership with Shanghai-based designer Ziggy Chen, celebrates the dual identities found throughout Chen’s clothing designs. Chen and Fink met after the artist moved to Shanghai in 2011 and chanced upon Chen’s fashion store.

“We became friends and often talked about working together,” Fink wrote, explaining the background of the exhibition. “Recently his new collection inspired me to shoot a series of photos. I took the idea of exploring the duality of men and women and then bringing them together, as one, through the camera lens.”

Chen’s ready-to-wear collection is marked by minimal, unisex designs that incorporate sewing techniques adapted from traditional Chinese garments. Muted tones, wraps, and multi-textile pieces are key to his capsules, with comfort and ease at the heart of the garments’ feel.

Fink’s work presents a visual interpretation of Chen’s clothing that blends memory with the imagined in a series of multi-exposed images. The end result is a layered effect, fusing faces, apparel pieces, and varied tones.

For those interested in attending, Duets is at the Annroy Gallery until August 24.

Annroy Gallery
110-114 Grafton Rd

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