Winnie Harlow Opens Up About Life-Defining Moments & Facing Challenges in New Video

In our increasingly fast-paced and distracting world, it’s challenging finding time to be slower, calmer, and quieter. These moments are an opportunity to be more present, to reflect on what’s important, and their scarcity makes them more valuable than ever. Casper — a brand with stillness and calm at the center of everything it does — wants to inspire more moments like this and in its latest European campaign explores how self-reflection and -realization can redefine someone’s life.

In the campaign video, the groundbreaking and subversive model Winnie Harlow opens up about her turbulent life and career, reflecting on the way her family and friends have inspired defining moments along the way and helped her along on the journey. Harlow, who has helped to reverse traditional beauty standards, infers that slowing down and taking the time to reflect on these moments, rather than getting lost in them, makes them more valuable. Having been severely bullied in the past for having the skin condition vitiligo, Harlow has become a spokesperson and inspiration for young people.

Inspired by stories like Harlow’s, Casper has created its new mattress the Essential. Sleep and time to self-reflect in a calm environment are vital to everyone’s journey and development, especially during times of chaos and struggle, and the Essential is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to slow down, rest, and be more mindful.

Despite only being founded in 2014, Casper has quickly gained notoriety as the go-to mattress brand for forward-thinking and in-the-know young people. Combining memory, comfort, and support foams, Casper targets the four key factors that its research has shown affect sleep quality — comfort, support, temperature, and durability — into its award-winning mattresses. Casper unboxing videos have even become an internet meme with thousands of people sharing footage of themselves unpacking their new mattress. In light of its disruptive and pioneering model, numerous other mattress brands have since emerged looking to mimic Casper’s success.

The Essential is available across Europe and will be available in the UK later this year. Shop via the link below and listen to Winnie Harlow’s story in the video at the top of the page.

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