Syd Tha Kyd Talks The Internet’s ‘Hive Mind’, Collabs With Tyler, the Creator & More

Los Angeles-based soul and R&B band The Internet made their return to the spotlight back in April with their track “Roll (Burbank Funk),” their first single since their 2015 Grammy-nominated album Ego Death. Now, they’ve announced release details of their forthcoming album Hive Mind, slated to drop on July 20 via Columbia Records.

The lead vocalist of the soul band Syd Tha Kyd took to Reddit to remind fans of the album’s impending release, and also gave fans a chance to ask her a slew of questions on the Reddit thread, I am Syd from The Internet. Ask Me Anything.

Read a few notable takeaways from the online interview below, and for the full coverage, head on over to Reddit.

On the success that Tyler, Earl, and Frank have gotten, did you ever expect that The Internet would also share that same acclaim one day? via user: (eyeamjigsaw)

“Didn’t expect it but never ruled it out and always had hope that we would get the recognition we deserve. Looking back I think we’ve always had the recognition we’ve deserved.”

On if we ever “expect” a Frank Ocean collab album, or a Tyler collab album. Or is that chapter in your career already finished? via user: (ImGiroud)

“Tyler mentioned something to me yesterday…”

On how does your song-writing and creative process differ while in the Internet vs. in your solo work. What artists do you take inspiration from both in terms of artistry and self-presentation? Any artists you hope to collaborate with? via user: (preduxz)

“The only difference is in who I’m around at the time. Got a lot of help/inspiration from the band writing Hive Mind. Ummmmm really anyone who I feel is being completely themselves, even if its not typically ‘how you’re supposed to do it.’ I’m taking a break on collabs for a while.”

On the favorite moment/story working on Hive Mind? And was your favorite story from the OF days? Do you guys keep in touch? Were there any members who helped you work on the new album? via user: (illgooutside)

“So many memories making this album. We rented houses and studios all over the world and just lounged around, no pressure. The last few sessions in Australia were some of my favorites. We made the last 3 tracks on the album there. Such a vibe.”

On what kind of television do you consume? via user: (alltheseUNs)

“I don’t watch TV.”

On how was creating Hive Mind different from Ego Death? via user: (nathyv)

“Hive mind was a lot more collaborative. We were all around for the making of everything.”

On her favorite video games. via user: (RedMambe)

“Halo, Pokemon, Sims, Zelda, etc.”

On what’s something you know now that you wish you knew at the beginning of your career? via user: (ImWaaal)

“That I am the sh*t.”

You can now pre-order Hive Mind by clicking this link.

Recently, The Internet dropped “La Di Da,” a new single from their forthcoming album, delivering chill summer vibes.

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