Lil Pump Assists Fan in Need of Medical Attention at Wireless Festival

While his reputation for designer threads and drugs may precede him, Lil Pump proved over the weekend that he’s more than just a rap caricature. On Sunday, the “Gucci Gang” artist performed at London’s Wireless Festival to a jam-packed crowd, during which concertgoers signaled that a fan was in need of medical attention. To tend to their needs, the rapper paused his set and asked for professionals to assist.

In the video below, the artist can be heard saying “Yo, yo, paramedics, somebody’s having a seizure! Yo, call paramedics, come on.” The fan was eventually carried out by security to paramedics closely followed by the rapper. Upon his return to the stage, Pump made a desperate plea to the crowd.

“But guys, do me a favor. If anybody’s doing any type of drugs or anything, drink water,” Pump told the audience. “Please drink water, bro. Please drink water, I’m dead ass. You don’t want no crazy shit happening to you… After this next song, drink some fucking water, bro. Please. I don’t want no crazy shit happening to y’all.”

The incident was then followed up by an Instagram story where Pump wrote, “I’ll never let none of my fans die at my show I love y’all too [sic] much.”

What are your thoughts on Pump’s actions? Drop us a line below.

Elsewhere, Jay Rock releases a new visual for track “ES Tales.”

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