Elon Musk and His Mini-Sub Are in Thailand to Assist With Rescue Mission

The mission to rescue the 12 boys and their football coach, who had become trapped in a series of caves in Thailand, continues today. Eight of the boys have already been rescued, while four remain. Elon Musk recently pledged his team’s help in rescuing the group.

The SpaceX and Tesla founder developed and tested a “kid-sized” submarine that he suggested might be able to assist with the rescue. It is currently unclear whether Musk or his technology will be used in the rescue efforts, but Musk confirmed via tweet that the submarine is in Thailand and ready to be used if needed.

An international team of rescuers has been in Thailand since the discovery of the stranded football team and their coach, assisting the Thai Navy SEALs in their rescue efforts. The team was trapped in a cave system after heavy rains forced them deeper into the caves in search of higher ground. On Friday, a former Thai Navy diver who had volunteered to help with the rescue, Saman Gunan, lost consciousness and died on an oxygen supply mission.

The third and hopefully final rescue mission is currently underway. If all goes according to plan, the remaining boys, their coach, and the doctor and Navy SEAL divers who have been with them in the cave will be brought out today.

Check out the submarine in action below.

Musk has been tweeting about the rescue mission for the last few days. Some naysayers have suggested Musk’s arrival in Thailand is a PR stunt, with some suggesting that it is disrespectful for the CEO to insert himself into the conversation.

Whatever the case may be, everyone involved appears focused on getting the remaining people out of the cave and to safety.

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