This Airline Wants to Fill the Gap Between Private & Commercial Air Travel

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Aura advertises itself as “America’s first five-star flight experience” and is looking to fill the gap between commercial airlines and private jets. It’s a subscription-based airline that offers a high-end experience on “semi-private” jets. Customers are promised the amenities of private jets — legroom, gourmet meals, Wi-Fi, and more — at a lower cost.

The service is due to launch in 2019 and will initially operate flights between NYC, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, and Los Angeles. The company will use redesigned Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft that seat 29 passengers per flight, with 21 placed in the lower-tier first class and eight sitting in “wave class.”

In addition, Aura will operate out of private hangars, meaning passengers will only need to arrive around 20 to 30 minutes before boarding. Wave class will mimic private-jet travel, while first class is similar to first class on commercial — just at a reduced price and on a smaller plane.

Passengers can opt in for a membership service, allowing them to pay less for tickets. If they sign up now, members, referred to by Aura as “keyholders,” will pay a lifetime rate of $100 per month to guarantee unlimited flight access at fixed fares. From next month the membership rate will go up to $250 per month. For an example fare, a one-way flight from Chicago to Atlanta will cost keyholders $280 for a first class ticket.

Aura’s main target is businesspeople who travel frequently for work, hence the subscription option. For anyone who spends a lot of time up in the air and wants a more relaxing alternative to flying commercial, Aura seems like a tempting prospect.

For more information, head to Aura’s site via the link below.

More info here

Would you buy a membership for discounted first class flights? Let us know in the comments.

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