This Limited Range of Backpacks Benefits the Homeless in Berlin

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Various internationally renowned creative studios have come together to design a limited range of one-off backpacks for backpack brand Ucon Acrobatics. Profits will be donated to benefit the homeless in Berlin.

The range of backpacks is called MOTIF and comprises 38 different styles each designed by a different creative studio.

“We are speechless and super happy that so many design studios from all over the world worked together on this charity project. Hort, Sucuk & Bratwurst, Studio Feixen, Leif Podhajsky, Hugo & Marie, Grilli Type and many more contributed terrific patterns to make this project happen,” said Jochen Smuda, co-founder of Ucon Acrobatics.

The MOTIF series of backpacks will be presented at Berlin Fashion Week and will be auctioned off online for two weeks after the showing. Proceeds will be donated to Streem – art & culture streetmag , a contemporary art, design and street magazine that supports the homeless in Berlin.

The following creative studios were involved:

Atrois Studio
Bielke & Yang
Binger Laucke Siebein
Bureau David Voss
Cee Cee Creative
Dinamo Typefaces
Erich Brechbühl
Fons Hickmann m23
Gold & Wirtschaftswunder
Grilli Type
Hugo & Marie
Jonathan Castro
Kroos Breen
Leif Podhajsky
M. Willis
Maximillian Mauracher
Moby Digg
Neo Neo
PIN Systems
Plus Mûrs Studio
Präsens Büro
Rimasùu Studio
Spassky Fischer
Studio Amanda Haas
Studio Feixen
Studio Maurice Másson
Studjo Ponto
Studio von Monkiewitsch
Studio Yukiko
Sucuk und Bratwurst
Tobias Faisst
Tobias Rechsteiner

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