Top 10 Comments of the Week: Drake’s ‘Scorpion’, Jaden Smith, Pornhub, & More

Remember that time Porhnub searches for Drake’s alleged baby mama soared after “The Story of Adidon” went viral? Well, this week’s roundup was rife with such allegations following the official release of the rapper’s new studio album, ‘Scorpion’.

With nothing having escaped the satrirical rath of our loyal readership, with shade being thrown left, right, and centre, this week’s roundup of hilarious reader comments knocked many down a peg or two, and gave some a long-overdue reality check. Next to the confirmation of a How High sequel sending the world’s stoner community into jubilation, and Pornhub adding subtitles to its “visual offering” for deaf & hard-of-hearing viewers, our readership got down to business and left no comical stone unturned.

Below you’ll find a roundup of our favorite comments, sourced from both Facebook and our very own website. Be sure to keep the funny, interesting, and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

Please keep in mind these comments are meant to be taken as jokes and are only highlighted for the comedic effect they offer.

Original Post: Jaden Smith Takes Us on a Tour of Tokyo in “GHOST”

10. “A “Tour of Tokyo?” He is literally just laying on a staircase and playing with Monopoly money in front of a G-Star store in Harajuku.” – DrBauhausDonDada (Source: Highsnobiety)

Original Post: Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton Debut Redefines the Meaning of Streetwear

9. “Chains on everything, so we out there looking like The Ghost of Christmas Past?” — Kevin K. Johnson (Source: Facebook)

Original Post: Vans Vault Drops an On-Trend Deconstructed Sk8-Hi & Slip-On Pack

8. “Look, I’m Virgil!” — Andrew Garcia (Source: Facebook)

Original Post: Forget Coachella, This Minimalist Desert Getaway is the Reason to Visit Palm Springs

7. “It has the vibe of a Soviet-era public school bathroom!” — Delian Stefanov (Source: Facebook)

Original Post: How the Reebok Workout Became New Orleans’ & The South’s Sneaker of Choice

6.  “Must be a New Orleans thing, because you don’t see nobody wearing that s*** in South Texas.” — Rick Trevino (Source: Facebook)

Original Post: A ‘How High’ Sequel Is Officially in the Works

5.  “According to stoner time it’s only been a year or so since the first one. Perfect timing!” — Adam Wehri (Source: Facebook)

Original Post: These Are the Chunky Sneakers of Eyewear & They’re Gonna Be Huge

4.  “2018 is the worst.” — Thomas J Luscombe (Source: Facebook)

Original Post: Pornhub Adds Subtitles for Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Viewers

3. “Finally, I can go mute and still know how a construction site escalated into a gang bang.” — My Chu (Source: Facebook)

Original Post: Drake Confirms He Has a Son & Opens up About Being a Parent on ‘Scorpion’

2. “Pusha T really changed this whole man’s personal life.” — Emeka Eze (Source: Facebook)

Original Post: Twitter Can’t Handle the Feels on Drake’s New Album ‘Scorpion’

1. In response to the “‘Do not Drake and Drive tonight you may end up at your exes house.’” – “You may even end up finding out you have a son.” — Thansal Abdul Basheer (Source: Facebook)

And for a little more Drake drama to spice up your Sunday, Lil B’s producer claims the rapper unrightfully used one of his beats on ‘Scorpion’.

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