Dijon Spreads the Gospel of Intellectual R&B on “Wild”

Somewhere around five years ago, Abhi Raju and Dijon Duenas started to break out of their comfort bubbles in the suburbs of Maryland as their music project Abhi//Dijon gained popularity on the Internet. While the R&B duo has temporarily taken a backseat, both artists are still grinding in their own separate ways out in Los Angeles. Today, we’re premiering Dijon’s latest solo single “Wild,” a radiant arrangement that builds with intensity as the singer-songwriter takes us on a musical journey led by pure infatuation.

Dijon’s sound is a combination of folk and R&B that is neatly held together by perceptive storytelling, something that you could describe as intellectually stimulating R&B. The concept really comes into play on this specific track. In an email to Highsnobiety, Dijon told us that the song was made about a year ago with King Of The Hill and Feist randomly in mind. But the only thing that he really wants listeners to know is that it was “grown in Maryland” and “made with guitar, gasoline and a lasso.”

For more of our premieres, peep Lia Liza’s new single “Roll With Me.”

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