Pornhub Adds Subtitles for Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Viewers

With its first-ever interactive art installation “Pornhub Nation” slated to open in Los Angeles next month, the adult entertainment site has announced that it has added closed captioning to over 1,000 popular videos from its extensive library.

Revealed in an official press release from Pornhub, this new feature will improve the experience of users who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Corey Price, Pornhub’s VP, said, “Here at Pornhub, it’s important that we continue to service all of our users’ needs and make content accessible to every individual.”

The launch of the dedicated “Closed Captions” category was implemented by Pornhub Cares, the site’s philanthropic division which has hosted several other initiatives, including having recently optimized its platform for visually impaired users with enlarged text, customized color contrasts, and keyboard shortcuts, in addition to the annual “Pornhub Cares Scholarship,” a $25,000 scholarship awarded to a deserving student, and many more.

The Closed Caption category can be found here, and it’s extremely not safe for work. Each video features the little CC logo in the player bar, so you can identify it during any browsing session outside the dedicated category. To turn it on, simply hit the “CC” button.

In related news, Converse and Nike are the most searched sneaker fetish brands on Pornhub.

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