Black Grapefruit’s “Omygod” Will Blow Your Mind

Experimental pop duo Black Grapefruit is ready to quench your thirst all summer long with an assortment of flavorful tunes that are layered with vivacious vocals and hypnotic levels of production. Comprised of Brian Dekker and Randa Smith, the Portland-based pair previously operated as SOS. Under their new name, Black Grapefruit will release a fresh album titled All My Relations on August 10. Today, we’re exclusively premiering the second single off the project, “Omygod.” If the name doesn’t do it justice, Smith outlined the concept behind the juicy track in an email.

“The verses and arrangement for this song came together immediately. It was one of those rare moments of simplicity in the studio, and then we realized that we needed a chorus,” she said. “We tried everything, but nothing fit. While throwing around ideas, I grew frustrated and just shouted ‘OHHH MY GODDDD,’ while the beat was playing. Brian heard it and said, ‘That’s it! Do that again with the mic on!’ The chorus was an accident, really, or maybe even something remembered from a parallel consciousness. Either way, it was exactly what the song needed.”

For more of our premieres, listen to Grosser’s new single “On Go” right here.

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