Johnny Depp Says He’s Lost $650 Million & Is Nearly Broke

A new profile about Johnny Depp in Rolling Stone alleges that the movie star – whose films have pulled in an estimated $3.6 billion at the global box office and earned him $650 million for his efforts – is nearly broke. As writer Stephen Rodrick puts it, “It had taken a month and almost 200 e-mails for the message to become clear: Come to London; Johnny Depp wants to bare his soul about his empty bank accounts.”

Detailing failed relationships and mismanagement by his longtime business associate and brother, additional highlights in the explosive reporting includes his thoughts on Harvey Weinstein and President Donald Trump (which can be read below).

On Harvey Weinstein:

He flips through the news and comes across a report on Harvey Weinstein. He shakes his head and calls him an asshole for burying his film Dead Man because director Jim Jarmusch refused to give up his contractually mandated final cut. “He was a bully,” says Depp. “Have you seen his wife? It’s not a wide range. It’s not like he went, ‘I must go to the Poconos to find some hairy-backed bitch.’”

On President Trump:

There was an incident last year at the Glastonbury Festival, where he asked, perhaps drunkenly, “Can we bring Trump here? . . . When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” Depp was roasted in the press. “I was trying to connect it to Trump saying he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, but it didn’t come out right,” says Depp with a shrug.

Head over to Rolling Stone to read the entire piece.

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