Hiroshi Fujiwara Unveils The First Moncler Genius Collection: Moncler x Fragment

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Last night in the inner courtyard of Florence’s dramatic Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Hiroshi Fujiwara unveiled the first part of his collection with the iconic Italian label Moncler. The 7 MONCLER FRAGMENT HIROSHI FUJIWARA collection is the first drop of the year-long Genius fashion project from the Italian Maison that could herald a new way fashion labels to debut and sell new collections.

The collection itself, titled “Backstage” and displayed in robust industrial flight cases (the kind you get littered backstage at any gig or rave) that encircled the vast inner courtyard, united Fujiwara’s distinct and esoteric (punk) music influences with that of Moncler’s craftsmanship and sense of Italian luxe.

The party was thrown by MATCHESFASHION and Moncler and was designed to be reminiscent of a live music gig. Lasers, smoke machines, sound technicians, and a huge stage that doubled as a DJ stand shared company with priceless pieces of Italian and Tuscan antiquities, VIPs and, less glamorously, various press and tradespeople.

“I want to bring music and the fashion world closer together,” explained Fujiwara of the inspiration behind the collection. “Music and fashion used to be more closely linked, but now I feel it’s less so. This collection harks back to that.”

The collection, composed principally of easily wearable staple outerwear, is made for the colder months. This was natural, according to Fujiwara, because “of the great tradition [that Moncler has] in winter clothes.”

Moncler’s Genius project is one of eight collections made with some of the most esteemed and industry disrupting designers of the moment. Eschewing the traditional fashion week seasonal cycle, the collections will drop throughout 2018 in a new model that aims to challenge the traditional way of doing things to bring clothing to people immediately, rather than the older way of waiting 12 months after a fashion show to get buy a new collection.

“It’s not just a collaboration,” adds Fujiwara. “I think it’s just a different way of doing things. Moncler is trying something new. Maybe we’re all still looking for what is the best way to do things but, yeah, we’re changing.”

As such, the MONCLER FRAGMENT HIROSHI FUJIWARA “Backstage” collection is available online now via and in all Moncler boutiques worldwide. From June 14, the collection will be available exclusively until June 18 on and from June 19 in selective wholesale networks worldwide.

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