Draymond Green Shades LeBron James Again With Championship Shirt

Draymond Green

Shades LeBron James Again

With Championship Shirt

6/12/2018 10:55 AM PDT

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Draymond Green‘s over the smack talking and onto the shirt talking once again.

The Golden State Warriors’ biggest troll dipped way back into a November tiff with LeBron James to bring some subtle LBJ smack talk to the Dubs’ victory parade Tuesday.

You remember the story … ‘Bron posted an Arthur closed-fist meme and captioned it “Mood…” back in the fall.

Unclear what LBJ was referring to, but Green fired back later with his own “Mood…” post.

The beef chilled — at least, until this week … when Draymond brought back the meme on a black T-shirt — with three rings on Arthur’s hand.

FYI … this ain’t the first time Draymond’s used a championship parade to take shots at the King — tellin’ the crowd at last year’s party that James “started the super team, bro!” while wearing a “Quickie” shirt in reference to the series only lasting 5 games.

Who knows what team LeBron will play for next season … but we do know if we see Green vs. Bron Part V, the smack talk will be fun.

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