Martin Shkreli Claims to Have a USB of Drake Diss Tracks About Pusha-T

Martin Shkreli might be behind bars for the next seven years, but that’s not preventing him from keeping tabs on his favorite rappers and the beef brewing between them. Even though the Pharma Bro was forced to turn over Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album, he seems to have gotten his hands on something else of interest to the public.

Shkreli recently announced that he allegedly has a USB with Drake’s long-awaited response to Pusha-T’s diss track “The Story of Adidon,” in a post on Facebook. The statement reads as follows:

“I’m pleased to hear Lil Wayne’s Carter V will be released soon and his litigation has been settled. It is a great addition to his already impressive corpus.

Additionally, I am pleased to report my offices have received an unmarked USB disk containing what appears to be unpublished and newly created tracks by Drake, referencing recent events with respect to Pusha-T and Kanye West.

There are 10 tracks and some appear to be demo tracks by an unnamed artist to inspire a forthcoming, fully-produced “disrespect” musical piece. I would normally share a snippet as I have in the past but my present situation negates this possibility.

Even if Drake has multiple diss tracks loaded in the vault and ready to go, we highly doubt that he would ever share them with Shkreli of all people. As far as Lil Wayne is concerned, it is good to hear that The Carter V has been set free once and for all.

In related news, Pusha-T further discussed the state of his resolved feud with Drake in a new interview with ‘GQ.’ Get all the details here.

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