‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Might Not Pass $250 Million Domestically

The force is still weak if analyst projections for Solo: A Star Wars Story’s theatrical run are to be believed. It’s predicted the latest addition to the Star Wars franchise will fail to pass $250 million domestically — a figure that Star Wars: The Force Awakens almost smashed in its opening weekend alone.

To put that $250 million total in context, Disney’s previous Star Wars movies, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and Rogue One, all passed $1 billion worldwide. So yeah, the Ron Howard-helmed production is looking more Jar-Jar Binks than Boba Fett.

Of course, the film’s mammoth overshoot on production costs hasn’t helped, with a directorial change and lengthy reshoots causing costs to double from a budgeted $125 million to a queasy $250 million. According to Screen Rant, that means Solo will have to hit $500 million worldwide just to break even.

This tricky start will be made even rougher by Warner Bros.’ Ocean’s 8 hitting theaters on June 8, potentially knocking Solo off the top of box office charts. Watch this space.

Have you seen Solo: A Star Wars Story yet? Maybe you should — every penny helps.

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