Yung Lean & Cullbergbaletten to Explore Concept of Dance in NEAR Concert

Sweden’s leading modern dance company, Cullbergbaletten, has announced a collaboration with Jonatan Leandoer Håstad, aka Yung Lean, and performer/choreographer Eleanor Bauer for NEAR, a concept dance concert.

Exciting times! Season 2018/2019 is finally released! Two unique collaborations coming up on great venues. In August, the dance concert NEAR with choreography by Eleanor Bauer and music by Jonatan Leandoer Håstad/Yung Lean @yunglean2001 will have its world premiere at @wayoutwestfestival Gothenburg, co-produced by @lugersweden. NEAR is a common fantasy world in which Bauer and Leandoer Håstad, with the dancers of Cullbergbaletten examine the concept together. In January, ON THE CUSP by choreographer Ian Kaler with music by Planningtorock, co-produced by @tanzquartierwien, @norrlandsoperan, Umeå and @pact_zollverein, Essen premieres in Vienna. Photo Jonatan Leandoer Håstad/Yung Lean and Eleanor Bauer by @fredrikanderssonandersson, artwork NEAR by @neuemartin, photo of Jam Rostron/Planningtorock and Ian Kaler by @nadjahallstrom #year0001 #luger #yunglean #planningtorock #iankaler #eleanorbauer #jonatanleandoer #jonatanleandoerhåstad #wayoutwest

A post shared by Cullbergbaletten (@cullbergbaletten) on May 28, 2018 at 3:13am PDT

With both artists sharing an interest in poetry and fantasy, a factor of this unique collab, the music for NEAR is created by Yung Lean, in conjunction with ambient music multi-instrumentalist and video artist, Frederik Valentin. Twelve dancers of Cullbergbaletten will partake in the performance, and will co-create a temporary autonomous zone in which they navigate improvisational practices to continually generate spontaneous interpretations of a musically and poetically structured composition.

The concept dance concert, NEAR, will debut at this year’s Way Out West Gothenburg in August. For tickets and additional details, head on over to Way Out West’s official website now.

In other music news, Kanye West is hosting an album listening party in Wyoming.

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