Latest Leak Hints That Apple Has Abandoned Plans for a Budget iPhone X

As previously reported, leaks and industry insiders have been indicating for some time now that Apple is planning to overhaul its iPhone range this year, possibly with three new iPhone X models.

A new leak, however, suggests that Apple might U-turn on any decision to make one of the three new models a budget variant. Production leaks picked up by the website of UK tech magazine T3 suggest the company is preparing a new iPhone X with a 6.1-inch OLED screen.

While the expected 5.8-inch, second generation iPhone X and the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus have been all but confirmed by prior leaks, this latest leak contradicts previous reports that the 6.1-inch model iPhone X would come with a cheaper LCD screen. It is now being suggested the model will carry a superior, more expensive OLED display, meaning its price — originally rumored to be $799 — could be upgraded as well.

Check out the original article here and remember that nothing is official until Apple announces it directly.

Let us know your thoughts on this year’s rumored iPhone X lineup in the comments.

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