‘Deadpool 2’ Villain Was Influenced by White Nationalists in Charlottesville Riots

Warning: Spoilers below.

Deadpool 2 has split critics down the middle, and if you’ve already seen the film, the real main villain is not the time-traveling Cable, nor the mutant kid, Russell Collins, aka Firefist.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s more glaring antagonist is focalized on actor Eddie Marsan, who portrays a torturous headmaster who runs a school for mutants.

While the movie was being filmed in Vancouver last August, the violent and disturbing events caused by white nationalists also took place in Charlottesville, sparking a national conversation about bigotry, and prompted actor Eddie Marsan a real-life example to draw upon.

“That kind of informed what we were doing with the character, i.e. somebody who didn’t want to be replaced by people different than them, who was scared of change, scared of the other,” explained Marsan. “This character came out of the zeitgeist, really, because the production designers, the writers, everybody was coming up with this character. He was the archetypal, fascist, perverted bigot.”

For the full story, head on over to The Hollywood Reporter.

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