Grimes Claims Elon Musk Never Stopped Tesla Workers From Unionizing

While pretty much nobody anticipated the Grimes-Elon Musk coupling, the pair have certainly been vocal in showing a united front since their relationship went public. Yesterday, Grimes — real name Claire Boucher — defended Musk amid allegations that one of his companies, Tesla, fired employees who had attempted to unionize.

In a flurry of tweets that have since been deleted — albeit now saved as screenshots via the magic of the internet — Boucher called the allegations “quite literally fake news.” She backed Musk fully, stating that she has “the receipts” from visiting Tesla sites, and that she has “investigated this heavily.”

Boucher went on to say that she’d address the matter properly via a Reddit AMA after she drops new music, but added that she doesn’t “wanna answer more questions cuz who i’m dating is irrelevant to my music.”

Musk also denied the claims via Twitter.

Do you think it’s fair that Grimes has to answer questions about her boyfriend’s company? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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