Frustrated Redditor Explains Why She’ll Never Again Sleep With a Hypebeast

Last December, The New Yorker published the viral short story Cat Person, which detailed a woman’s unpleasant sexual encounters. Fast forward to today, and a Reddit user has upped the ante with her take on why you should never sleep with a hypebeast.

Redditor basuraaqui revealed in r/streetwear how her anticipated “ride of a lifetime” with Connor (as named in the post) was rudely interrupted when he stopped to carefully remove his prized ’fit.

First up, Connor’s Supreme x Nike Air Humara 17s had to be unlaced with care. Still in no rush, Connor amps up the sexual frustration as basuraaqui stands there “butt-ass naked,” carefully removing his distressed KITH jeans, noting, “This is gonna take a while, you’re not gonna be able to get them off.”

While the story does end with some pretty obvious advice about what is appropriate pre-sex apparel, the question remains, is sleeping with a hypebeast worth the bother?

Check out the original Reddit post below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[DISCUSSION] Why I’m never fucking a hypebeast again from r/streetwear

In other style-related news, Public Culture experiments with an erotic graphic-filled capsule. Check it out here.

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