‘Fortnite’ Announces $100 Million Esports Tournament Prize Pool

Fortnite is a undeniably a cultural video game powerhouse, as gamers young and old, including celebrities, have bought into the Fortnite craze. In case you forgot, streamers like Ninja who play the game live have garnered record-breaking viewers on Twitch and YouTube, especially when he played the beloved game with rappers Drake and Travis Scott.

Following the confirmation of jetpacks coming in the next update, the Battle Royale game’s publisher Epic Games has also now revealed via Twitter that it’s rallying teams and players to start practicing for its 2018-2019 competitive season, and will be providing $100 million to fund prize pools for Fortnite competitions.

This announcement should be no surprise to anyone aware of Epic Games’ Esports history, including the Unreal Tournament franchise and the Gears of War series.

Details about the competitive structures and eligible platforms will be revealed in the coming weeks ahead, so stay tuned.

Also, in case you missed it, ‘Fortnite’ is coming to Android this summer.

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