Grimes Is Legally Changing Her Name and Elon Musk Loves It

Oddball musician Grimes, who broke the internet when it was announced that she had been low-key dating tech mogul Elon Musk, took to Twitter to reveal that she will soon be legally changing her name. Born Claire Boucher, the artist announced that her new name will be (lowercase and italicized), a reference to scientific shorthand for the speed of light.

When asked on Twitter if Musk played a hand in her new re-brand, the artist added that the entrepreneur thinks her new name “actually rox,” and that her birth name has been a curse for her since she “became sentient.”

To allay the fears of her die-hard fanbase, the artist pointed out that this name change was strictly personal, and she would continue to make music under the monicker Grimes.

Here’s what Twitter users thought of Grimes and Musk’s coupling up when it was first revealed.

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