Auto Fabrica’s Type 11 Series Motorcycle Is an Absolute Work of Art

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Auto Fabrica this week gives us a look at three of its newest Type 11 motorcycles. These bikes are just as likely to end up in a collector’s arsenal and design books as they are to be ridden.

This particular series features three different bikes, the Prototype 1, Prototype 2, and Prototype 3, all created for Yamaha’s Yard Built project, with the Prototype 1 being the most radical version.

“Yamaha gave us a pre-production XSR900 and we did a design study, which was very much a concept bike,” Bujar of Auto Fabrica says about the development of the Prototype 1, with its front fairing that wraps around the handlebars and into the tank. “We didn’t want any restrictions in place, which meant we could focus fully on the form and aesthetics. This concept was the foundation for the project.”

The Prototype 2 is in turn the road legal version of the Prototype 1, based on a production Yamaha XSR900. The bike boasts components from Öhlins, K&N, Brembo, and Renthal, in addition to custom Auto Fabrica parts, including the subframe and tail unit, with an Alcantara seat and a finned tail light. The radiator is then covered and protected by a 3D-printed carbon-nylon composite.

Lastly, the Prototype 3 is based on a Yamaha XS750 and is pegged as the missing link between the 1970s and the Prototype 1 and Prototype 2.

“It was an exercise in recreating history,” Bujar notes. “We wanted the bike to have the same DNA as the P1 but period correct – from 1976.”

You can find the all-new Auto Fabrica Type 11 featured in CRAFTRAD’s first English issue in collaboration with Bike EXIF.

In other design news, NASA is sending a helicopter to Mars for the first time.

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