‘Venom’ Website Allows You to Transform Into the Anti-Hero

The highly-anticipated blockbuster film, Venom is not out until this fall, and with die-hard fans eagerly awaiting its October premiere, a new “We Are Venom” website has surfaced online to further promote the upcoming superhero/villain movie.

By utilizing the film’s official poster for the focal point of the webpage, users are able to upload a facial portrait of themselves, and create an edited image portraying half of their face to be taken over by the Symbiote and become Venom – visually. You can try it out here.

Venom stars reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) as he investigates the ominous Life Foundation before he struggles with the Symbiote that eventually turns him into the villainous Venom.

Venom is slated to hit theaters on October 5.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, watch Tom Hardy turn into ‘Venom’ in this first official trailer.

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