Elon Musk Will Offer Free Rides in His LA Tunnel Once It’s Completed

Elon Musk took to Instagram just a few hours ago to show off The Boring Company’s first nearly completed tunnel under Los Angeles. The video shows the project’s first leg, which heads towards Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and has an extra entrance at the SpaceX Hawthorne HQ, in its final stages.

First Boring Company tunnel under LA almost done! Pending final regulatory approvals, we will be offering free rides to the public in a few months. Super huge thanks to everyone that helped with this project. Strong support from public, elected officials & regulators is critical to success. As mentioned in prior posts, once fully operational (demo system rides will be free), the system will always give priority to pods for pedestrians & cyclists for less than the cost of a bus ticket.

A post shared by Elon Musk (@elonmusk) on May 10, 2018 at 6:49pm PDT

The caption, meanwhile, claims that Musk and the company he oversees will be offering free rides to the public in a few months’ time, pending final regulatory approvals. Of course, commuters will eventually have to pay for the service but Musk insists that “pods for pedestrians & cyclists” will be “less than the cost of a bus ticket.”

Cars will still be able to use the tunnel, but as he’s insisted in the past, the tunnels will always prioritize pedestrians and cyclists.

In addition to the above tunnel, the billionaire entrepreneur took to Twitter to share that The Boring Company has already started working on a tunnel from Washington D.C. to New York, with Los Angeles to San Francisco up next. The latter will apparently feature pressurized pods in vacuum tunnels, launching people underground faster than a jetliner and living up to the promise of Hyperloop.

The news comes on the heels of Mr. Musk attending the 2018 Met Gala with indie musician Grimes. Read all about that and their relationship rumors here.

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