“Dancing Thanos” From ‘Fortnite’ Is Every Marvel Fan’s Latest Meme Obsession

To the delight of many, Thanos has become Fortnite’s latest playable character, and despite the many in-game perks one might expect to associate to such a character, all players seem to be able to do is make him dance (and understandably so).

Having birthed a new favorite meme amongst adoring Marvel fans, video editors have begun putting clips of the dancing Thanos into various scenes from a variety of the franchise’s most recent productions. Be it Twitter or Reddit, the internet has risen up in true form to mock Fortnite’s latest addition.

Flaunting a number of dances synonymous with not only today’s culture, but with trends from the past, namely Carlton’s world-renowned, Tom Jones-backed Fresh Prince of Bel-Air boogie, it’s understandable why “Dancing Thanos” has become a hit across the Fortnite landscape.

In light of this, we have rounded up our favorite “Dancing Thanos” memes from across the web for you to check out below.

It’s a dance battle, Thanos. (x-post from r/FortniteBR) from marvelstudios

Thanos using the reality stone to live out his wildest dreams from marvelstudios

And be sure to check out the following video for a thorough breadown of all the moves in the new Thanos Fortnite arsenal.

Now, for more in Marvel-related internet content, this ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Instagram review is absolutely hilarious.

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