Nintendo Switch Online Is Launching With NES Games & Cloud Saves

Nintendo has announced details of its upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service today in a company statement, as the paid service will allow users to experience online play for compatible Nintendo Switch games, access classic NES games with added online functionality, back up save data for most games, and more.

Expected to go live this September, the official cost is priced at $3.99 USD a month, while other plans are listed for three months at $7.99 USD and one year for $19.99 USD. There’s also a $34.99 USD option for a family plan that works across up to eight accounts.

While one of the main points for signing up for the service will be its library of NES games that is slated to be Switch compatible with online compatibility and voice chat, there will be 20 games offered for the initial lineup, with the following 10 already confirmed for launch:

Balloon Fight
Donkey Kong
Dr. Mario
Ice Climber
The Legend of Zelda
Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 3

According to Nintendo, more titles are expected to be added on a regular basis, and the games will also be playable when offline.

For the full details, head on over to Nintendo.

Also, ‘Super Smash Bros.’ is finally coming to Nintendo Switch.

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