Watch Donald Glover’s Best Moments From ‘Saturday Night Live’

The creative powerhouse that is Donald Glover hosted SNL this past weekend and it was an eventful affair, to say the least. Glover acted in nearly every sketch, dropped a new Childish Gambino track, and called out the lack of black representation in the Star Wars franchise.

As Glover joked in his opening monologue: “I’m an actor, a writer and a singer — some people like to call me a triple threat, but I kinda like to call myself just a threat.”

With multiple projects to promote, including his upcoming role in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and a forthcoming fourth studio album, Glover essentially seized the show as an advertising vehicle — which is fair enough, considering he revealed in the monologue that he’d auditioned twice to be an SNL regular and failed.

Browse the highlights from Donald Glovers Saturday Night Live takeover below.

After boasting his many talents and lamenting SNL for his lack of regular appearances, Glover waltzed around the set berating his co-stars, like Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd, about their auditions — seemingly trying to figure out why they got the gig, and he didn’t.

During the show, The Atlanta creator unveiled an in-character sketch dressed as Lando Calrissian (his Star Wars character) within which he called out the franchise for its failure to hire black actors.

“It all started with one question: where the hell are all the black people in space?” he questioned, pointing out that Samuel L. Jackson, John Boyega, Forest Whitaker, and Thandie Newton (his Solo co-star) have been the only black characters in Star Wars‘ 40-year history.

His pre-recorded sketches were where Glover was at his most hilarious, including the below skit — “A Kanye Place” — in which he spoofed 2018’s horror hit, A Quite Place, and mocked Ye’s latest Twitter antics — namely, his open support of Donald Trump.

In a meta turn of events, Kanye immediately tweeted the skit.

Another pre-recorded beauty arrived in the shape of “Friendos,” a straight-faced, Migos-themed affair featuring A$AP Rocky, which saw the kings wax lyrical on group therapy.

Especially amusing for anyone who’s ever worked in a call center, Glover (alongside Thompson and Redd) mocked the “modern day slavery” that customer service jobs can sometimes feel like.

One particularly hilarious addition was a parody of the ’80s classic jam “In the Rain” by Oran “Juice” Jones. In a nutshell, the OG track is essentially about stalking a woman and her boyfriend. Glover’s version was titled “The Night (I Watched You),” and featured lines like: “All your nice jewelry. I put it right up my ass.”

The night was rounded off with a shirtless performance of his new song, a powerful protest anthem called “This is America.” The song, introduced by Get Out‘s Daniel Kaluuya, stunned audiences and was followed with a politically-charged music video.

While the internet lost its mind over Gambino’s “This is America,” you may have missed the fact he also showcased another track: “Saturday.” The song has a super-chill, ’70s Caribbean vibe, which is only reinforced by others on the scene who were sippin’ drinks from red plastic cups, playing dominos and dancing in the background.

Do you think Glover should become a SNL regular?

Now read our break down of Gambino’s new track, “This is America.”

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