Kanye West Fires YEEZY Designer Over Stolen Sketch

Another day means another round of Kanye West tweets. Today, Yeezy is back on the social media platform, sharing more motivational idioms, while also imploring Elon Musk to hurry up with his electric planes. Oh, and unfortunately, Kanye revealed that he had to let someone go from his YEEZY outfit.

It appears that a recently-hired YEEZY designer tried to take credit for some work that was not their own. As to be expected, this resulted in immediate removal from the company, per West’s tweet.

Recently, Kanye has insisted that YEEZY will soon be a billion-dollar organization, going so far as to say that he himself currently makes more money on shoes than the god, Michael Jordan. In addition, though, if you’re looking for employment, ‘Ye also stated that the company is expanding in a major way, with 160 positions to be filled.

Nonetheless, see the coinciding tweets for what has been on Kanye’s mind as of today.

Back on a positive note, listen to Kanye West’s new verse on Travis Scott’s “Watch,” also featuring Lil Uzi Vert.

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