Kanye West Explains His Controversial Slavery Comments

Kanye West took to Twitter last night to explain his comments about slavery being a “choice,” one of several controversial statements which came out of his interview with TMZ.

As well as professing his love for “his boy” Donald Trump and insisting the U.S. President is rap’s favorite person, West ruffled feathers when he suggested that slavery was a choice. Perhaps unsurprisingly, some celebrities took issue with West’s comments.

John Legend, who previously reached out to West to try and change his mind about endorsing Trump, retweeted a slew of reactions to West’s slavery comments. Will.I.Am’s comments on Good Morning Britain were perhaps the strongest and have been transcribed for you in the tweet below.

Fellow rapper Talib Kweli also responded on Twitter, while The Game interestingly came to West’s defence.

Following the backlash, the entertainer has taken to Twitter to clear up what he really meant by those incendiary comments.

West claims he knows there was no free will involved in becoming a slave. What he was apparently trying to communicate was the fact that slavery lasted some 400 years. According to West, this meant that the slaves were “mentally enslaved” although the “numbers were on [their] side.”

He also drew parallels to what he believes is happening in today’s society. West claims “we need free thought now” and “can’t be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years.”

Scroll through the rest of his tweets below and let us know what you think he means in the comments.

In other Kanye news, herehere are the best quotes from his interview with Charlamagne.

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