The worlds of film and music collide in Interview magazine’s latest piece, here featuring Seth Rogen and 21 Savage. Rogen once again leads the charge for another interview, speaking with 21 on being shot multiple times and his life-change following the traumatic incident, his musical success, giving back to the community, learning to fly, his religious beliefs, and working with Pharrell.

Below we’ve in turn highlighted the best quotes from the conversation, as you can then follow on over to Interview for the entire piece.

Rogen: I’ve been watching a lot of your stuff and what’s interesting to me is it seems your life, thus far, has two very distinct parts to it. At some point you tried to turn the negative things that were happening to you into positive things, and I was wondering exactly how that happens. How did you decide to do that?

Savage: I don’t know. I couldn’t really do nothing else. When I got shot there wasn’t really nothing else for me to do, because I couldn’t really move around the way I wanted to. So I was either in the house or in the studio.

Rogen: Do you think if you didn’t get shot you would have ever pursued the career that you pursued?

Savage: Nah. I feel like if I didn’t get shot I’d be dead or in jail.

Rogen: When did you first realize that you could actually succeed and have a career that was far different from the one you had before?

Savage: When I started to see how people have reacted to the music.

Rogen: Do you still listen to your friends when you’re making music, and get their input and go off what they like?

Savage: Hell yeah. That’s the way I pick my songs, unless it’s just a song that I feel strong about. But for the most part, what my friends think is whack, I think is whack.

Rogen: What’s it like to deal with the record label?

Savage: Uh, it’s a process. It’s cool for the most part, but I’m so used to being independent. It’s different. I don’t like authority.

Rogen: Do they actually try to offer creative input for your albums and shit? “Oh this part, it should be like this?”

Savage: Yeah, they got A&R’s that put you with different producers and that type stuff, yeah. They do that. I don’t really use they ideas, I ain’t even gon’ lie. [Rogen laughs] I like to create my own stuff.

Rogen: So, you seem religious. Are you religious?

Savage: Yeah. I’m Ifá. I grew up practicing Ifá, my mom is Ifá, my whole family is Ifá. But I save my money like a Jew. [Rogen laughs] I’m Jewish when it comes to money.

Rogen: And you do a lot of charity work.

Savage: Shit, that’s just really from the heart. I don’t do it for recognition, you know what I’m saying? That’s just me as a person. I just love my city and my people, so it’s natural for me to help.

Rogen: What do you do when you’re at home? You got a week, [you can] do anything you want, what would you do?

Savage: I would fly my airplane simulator. Take my airplane craft to the airport.

Rogen: So, is there anyone that you’ve worked with recently, who inspired you to get into working in the first place?

Savage: I’ve been working with Pharrell. That’s one of the only people that I grew up on that I’ve gotten to work with.

Rogen: Not a lot of people talk about their lives as openly as you do. Was that something that was hard to do?

Savage: I’m just an honest person, so it’s just natural to me. You ask me a question, I’m just going to answer it as honestly as I can, so I guess sometimes that spills over into me talking about my life. That’s what people want to know about, so I ain’t got no problem telling.

In other music-related news, Donald Trump sent a “thank you” to Chance The Rapper, and Chance then clarified his recent comments.

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