Here are the Nominees for the Highsnobiety x PAQ Best-Dressed YouTuber

Highsnobiety and PAQ have come together in a bid to discover the world’s best-dressed YouTuber. As posted previously, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to comb through the platform, running the rule over a seemingly innumerable amount of ‘fits and looks, before settling on a final 15. The final winner of each round will be voted for by you, the public.

The 15 nominees are split into three groups of five, based on how many subscribers they have. The groups are called lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. This was done to level the playing field so that the YouTuber with the most subscribers doesn’t automatically win. Smart, huh?

Without further ado, the candidates are as follows:


“I’m Anthony Montano, I’m 19 years old and I live about 20 miles north of Los Angeles. Since I can remember, I’ve been creative and into clothing, but haven’t always had a means to pursue this interest. Once my YouTube channel GOKARTS! started gaining traction, I discovered other people liked my fashion sense, which allowed me to branch out. You should vote for me because my DIY, highly accessible fashion sense has always been extremely important to me. If I could win, I think it could encourage those who would like to get into fashion without any clear way to. With my YouTube channel, I’ve been able to inspire others while being inspired by those who interact with me, so it would mean a lot if those who support me could help me win.”

Fernando Rangel

“Yo! My name is Fernando, I live in Los Angeles, I make content, and own an online second-hand designer store called Silver League. As far as clothes and style go, I’m mainly into Japanese garments and designers, because they do it the best. I’m supposed to say why I should win, but uhh… I don’t really know how to answer that. So yeah… if you vote for me, I appreciate ya! Love to everyone who’s competing!”

Jacob Wallace

“My name is Jacob. I am a content creator and I currently work and consult for a few brands in LA. Thank you to Highsnob for hosting this competition. Shout out to everyone on the list — you should definitely check them out.”


“As a kid, I wasn’t the most outgoing, so fashion was the way I expressed myself and connected with others. Fashion brought mind opening experiences and has changed my life. My style is not just about the clothes themselves but how I put them together and the stories and meaning behind them. Detail, design, and coordination give my outfits personality and I embrace self-expression to the fullest.”


“Dropping out from Central Saint Martins (the one Ye’ famously couldn’t get into) in 2015, I decided textbook learning wasn’t for me. I saw a gap on YouTube for content I could relate to. The gap found a balance between high end ‘designer’ and streetwear. I felt if you wanted to watch videos on high-end fashion, you’d often end up on a major publication like Mr. Porter or GQ, whereas if you looked at streetwear, there were some great personalities delivering sick content, and it felt personal. I wanted to bring that energy to the high-end fashion scene with my own spin of vintage & formalwear. Two years later I recently packed in my part-time job and am now a full-time fashion content creator and menswear stylist.”

The Unknown Vlogs

“Started from the bottom and now we’re here! I worked hard everyday and now I’m here. The truth is, I want to achieve more in my lifetime, and your vote and faith in me to win this competition will help me inspire more in this world and attract a larger audience to spread my positive attitude and influence within the fashion scene. Anything is possible. You just have to believe, the same way I am believing in your vote for me to win.”

Harrison Nevel

“My name is Harrison Nevel, and I believe this contest is a unique opportunity for me and my viewers to come together and share my fashion sense with the rest of the community. I think I offer some great outfits with small details that tie everything together just like extra care I put into my YouTube and Instagram content.”

Jacob Starr

“I am Jacob Starr and I am from the Pacific Northwest. Fashion is not really big in the PNW. I try to show people cool clothes that I like, but I also try to encourage people to get outside and experience the outdoors. For that reason, a lot of the clothes that make it into my rotation are clothes that not only look good, but are actually functional. I don’t buy clothes to say “I have this,” I buy these clothes to wear them and because they’re something I genuinely love. Regardless of whether you vote for me or not, I appreciate the opportunity to even be considered. To everyone who does support me, thank you. I appreciate you more than you know.”

Magnus Ronning

“I’m a streetwear ‘YouTuber’ and I try to not take myself too seriously. Since the beginning of my channel, the content has always been about mixing internet meme-culture with streetwear and fashion. The humor stems from spending most of my wake hours when I was younger playing video games. Originally from Denmark, I moved to England in 2013 to study — but dropped out of Reading University (studying business management), after the first year to pursue content creation. Streetwear has been a strong passion of mine since I joined The Basement, and although streetwear is my main interest, I often dabble in high-end and vintage clothing.”

Kai Bent-Lee

“As a young kid, I was always into fashion and getting fresh. I started collecting Nike SB’s in the early 2000’s which opened the door to the whole streetwear culture for me. I feel like, although streetwear has evolved, I still am interested in the same type of style I was over a decade ago. I like to mix my fits with high and low end, vintage and the latest releases. To me, the label isn’t everything — it’s how you wear it. I think I have been curating my taste level and my own style for the last 26 years and with all due respect to the other competitors – there’s levels to this shit. Best of luck to everyone!”


“I am a 17-year-old entrepreneur and streetwear/fashion enthusiast. My YouTube channel, where I post vlogs and videos about hypebeast lifestyle, recently surpassed the one million subscriber mark. My favorite feeling in the world is knowing I have the power to inspire anyone to live a lifestyle that they want to live. I’d like to always portray on my channel that hard work and a positive mindset can make anything possible – no matter your age. Vote for me to show that the BLAZENFAM is the best and most positive family in fashion on YouTube!”

Fung Bros

“We think we should win because we don’t try that hard. We just make sure we have high-quality pieces around that we really like and then pick it up and go. We’re creatures of convenience. Between discussing fashion with Richie Le and other friends, we make no concessions for whack pieces. Ultimately fashion is a form of self-expression, so it’s important to have fun with it. Wear something clownin’ if you want. It doesn’t always have to follow the rules.”

Qias Omar

“I am Qias Omar, better known as the first and biggest hypebeast on YouTube. I was born in the Bay Area but LA adopted me. I started my YouTube journey 10 years ago in 2007, and haven’t looked back since. My passion for fashion and sneakers has helped me connect with the audience on a deeper level; this is not a game for me but is my life. I don’t dress up for the likes and comments but because I am in love with what I do and what I represent.”

Richie Le

“I think I should win the BDY awards because I approach my everyday fashion with consideration for others and those who I’m influencing. I understand not everyone has money at their disposal, so I try to offer cheaper alternatives and DIY projects within my content and fashion. Of course, I love Supreme bogos and expensive hype pieces, but it wouldn’t be right to only flex like that to my audience. I could, sure. But that’s not what I’m trying to go for. I’m gonna offer a wide range of different looks and vibes while still being somewhat affordable. This is so a young fan of mine can go and cop a similar look without killing his pockets (or his moms). I do this for ya’ll!”

Rickey Thompson

“My name is Rickey Thompson, I’m 22 years old and I live in Los Angeles. I love fashion so much. I think fashion is such a great way to really express yourself. I think there are no rules to fashion; if you know how to rock it then you’re doing it right. I think I should win because I have a great personality, a good vibe, and I think I have pretty good fashion taste. If you are looking for something different from the others then vote me!”

You can check out the first installment from the series above, with more information on how to vote for your favorite contestant(s) to follow in the future. In the meantime, be sure to leave us your early predictions in the comment section below.

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