We’re not sure what was in the air this week, but the final gasp of April has produced some of the most irresistibly mellow cuts of the year. It’s a descriptor that applies to each of our picks for the week’s best new songs; well, all of them except “Quiz”, a collaboration between CupcakKe and PC Music that sounds exactly as shithouse bonkers as you would expect.

Aside from that, we’re serving exclusively liquid cool cuts. On deck we have choice funk like the surprise return of The Internet and a new one from Thundercat, syrupy rap from Post Malone (ft. Nicki!), Junglepussy and producer Pi’erre Bourne, and effervescent electronic trips from Oneohtrix Point Never and Paul White.

All those and more make this edition of Best Tracks of the Week:

Cakes da Killa is usually who we turn to for pound the alarm clubbing vibes, but his new collaboration with production team Proper Villains is far more fitting for the lonely – and tbh eerie – walk home. Cakes’ bars are ferociously on point here while the beat congeals beneath him, evoking late ’90s Timbaland tracks that have been dipped in molasses.

CupcakKe absolutely stole the show with her feature on “Lip Gloss” from Charli XCX’s 2017 mixtape Number 1 Angel, finding a sonic match made in heaven with the mad geniuses over at PC Music. Now comes “Quiz”, a single that marks her first collaboration proper with the label. The result is sublimely manic, where her classically in-your-face bars meld with PC’s abrasive production in ways that our ears are still acclimating to. We’d say this is the ultimate turn up anthem but this track knocks you the fuck down.

Making their surprise return today with this deliciously mellow jam, The Internet have provided the perfect soundtrack to get us through these last days of April and welcome May (aka warmth) back to our lives. No other details just yet on when their new album will hit us, but it’s already clear that the time the majority of these members spent making solo albums this past year has rejuvenated their group dynamic, painting this release as one of the year’s most promising.

We were already pretty hype for Junglepussy’s upcoming debut album. But then along comes this little number, a track that speaks the holy truth of knowing you’ve found real love if you love bae more than you love Trader Joe’s. Her bars are of course scorched-earth level of fire, but delivered over this warped, nightmare version of the Glee soundtrack the end result ends up being, honest to god, really sweet.

Sometimes, you just need a spooky six-minute instrumental to make you feel like you’re wearing a suit of vibranium. The BasedGod knows this, which is why he delivered the goods, Marvel Comics-designed artwork and all.

Fresh from creating one of the most acclaimed film scores of the decade with gritty indie Good Time, Oneohtrix Point Never is clearly feeling his oats. “Black Snow”, the lead single from his just-announced album Age Of, marries the dynamic synth-work of Good Time with the murky yet jagged production he delivered for ANOHNI’s 2016 masterwork HOPELESSNESS. ANOHNI returns the favor here with vocals that sound like a ghost in the machine pleading for help; which, really, is the vibe he’s spent his whole career going for, and it’s rewarding to see just how fully it’s evolved.

While most probably only know of his work in relation to Danny Brown, Paul White has a world of electronic work that can’t be encapsulated in his work for Detroit’s rap-god in chief. The producer’s new full-length Rejuvenate is a psychedelic journey through music that is subtle but commands your attention; look no further than the glorious title track, an odyssey that is both retro and current, analog and digital, relaxed and restless. In a word, beauteous.

The wunderkind behind the booths for Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert is testing the waters of being in front of the mic, and he’s not off to a bad start. While of course no where near the rap-talent of his clients, Pi’erre has plenty of swagger to keep you wanting more. The production is, naturally, splendid, a welcome journey back into the world of flute samples.

Post Malone’s long-overdue Beerbongs & Bentleys is now out into the world, and of the huge selection of new tracks at our disposal, “Ball for Me” is the cut that hit us first and hardest. Is this because it has a characteristically-flawless Nicki verse? Perhaps. But it’s to Post’s credit that the woozy hook full of ‘wooos’ is catchy enough to hold up on its own.

For a song about jumping out the window and feeling like you’re about to snap (“aw shit!”), Thundercat’s latest is remarkably calm. As bubbly and warm as prosecco left out in the sun, “Final Flight” is exactly the kind of song you need when you’re feeling angry or sad but ultimately too stoned to actually feel those emotions to their fullest extent.

Be sure to check out last week’s edition of our Best Tracks series right here.

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