Nick Young Talks Drake Going to adidas & Wearing Yeezys on Court

While Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young is often overshadowed by the team’s all-star roster, the man is famously dubbed Swaggy P, who has been widely known for his fashion statement off the basketball court, as well as on it – he recently graced the hardwood wearing the YEEZY 500s, which obviously isn’t necessarily built to be a basketball sneaker.

Grailed recently caught up with Young while the Golden State Warriors are in pursuit of their third NBA championship, to talk about Drake possibly signing to adidas, his pre-game outfits, and more. In addition to the conversation, some of Young’s favorite pieces are now available for you to purchase on Grailed.

On thinking about fits to wear before going to the arena…

NY: “Oh, I’m still thinking about fits because you still got to think about what you’re going to come in the arena with.”

On how far out in advance on planning outfits or if it’s a spur of the moment thing based on mood and feel…

NY: “A little bit of both. I do dress how I feel at that moment sometimes. Like, what music I’m listening to at the time. Do I want to kill them or…”

On playing on-court wearing the Yeezy Desert Rat 500…

NY: “They was actually kind of better than the 750’s. My teammates was kinda daring me. They didn’t believe I was going to do it.”

On his thoughts about his peers leaning on stylists that put outfits together for them and go shopping for them…

NY: “I hate that. I think that messes up the game a little bit. Everybody think they just a ‘fashioneer’ now just because they got a stylist and they come in and they think that’s them putting it together. I hate that. It’s like ghostwriting.”

On thinking of what to buy first…

NY: “Yeah, I’m just always thinking of new ideas because you have to stunt extra hard now. I just be looking at other designers and what they got coming out and trends. But, for the most part, I just like to dress.”

On whose style he respects and for inspiration…

NY: “I just respect creativity. I think the whole A$AP thing is big. I like looking at what people did back in the day too, like Michael Jackson.”

On not being a fan of dad swag ‘Ye…

NY: “I get it because I’m going through that myself and it’s just throwing something on to take the kids out. It’s actually more fun for me to buy stuff for my kids and make sure they look fresh.”

On his style compared other guys in the league such as Russell Westbrook and LeBron James…

NY: “Russ is Russ, but somebody that came up after us who I think is pretty dope would be Jordan Clarkson. I think LeBron got the whole team showing they socks. I think they all team LeBron right now. I got to get Clarkson back into being Clarkson.”

On starting his clothing line, Most Hated…

NY: “It’s actually harder than I thought. I thought it was going to be easier. The entire process, it takes longer. Like, to get clothes done, it takes months and months to get it done right and, by then, something else is already coming out. You just really got to be ahead of the curve. Really planning stuff out and finding the right people to work with.”

On considering himself as a designer…

NY: “For sure, but even people on my team now are trying to come out with clothes. It’s like the whole NBA is about to drop a line. Everybody’s got their own clothing line.”

On the lifestyle stuff adidas is dropping, and Drake…

NY: “It’s dope. Hopefully we get Drake so he can add some OVO’s. Shout out to Drake. Come on over to the team.”

On the possibility of a Swaggy P signature sneaker…

NY: “Swaggy P lifestyles coming out. That’s why I came over because Adidas gets it. I wasn’t just another player, ya know? They gave me a P.E. shoe. They put it in stores, a basketball shoe. I didn’t really want that, but I’ll take what I can get [laughs]. But now we’re talking about doing lifestyle, doing a whole Most Hated collab. Adidas is really just killing all the lifestyle stuff. They got commercials with Playboi Carti and Young Thug, and A$AP Ferg. I was in that commercial. Shout out the Adidas team.”

On finally telling the world what the ‘P’ in ‘Swaggy P’ means…

NY: “I mean, I got a book coming out. After I win a championship, it’s going to drop the same day as my album. I’ve been going to the studio.”

On his favorite designers at the moment…

NY: “Most Hated [laughs]. I would say Virgil. Just the fact that he went to LV. It’s going to be dope. I think the Nike x Off-White collab pimped him out. Him going to Louis Vuitton, that’s big. Needles is pretty dope. Another brand that’s cool, but I don’t know why it’s that expensive, is Mastermind.”

For the full interview and his favorite pieces, head on over to Grailed now.

In other style news, here’s everything you ever wanted to know about BAPE (and some things you didn’t).

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