This Runner Plans to Complete the Boston Marathon in Custom 3D-Printed Flip-Flops

For anyone that’s serious about running in events such as the Boston Marathon, you’ll know that the right footwear is a must. Yet, one runner in particular is set to make his appearance at the annual event in a pair of 3D-printed flip-flops.

Footwear company Wiivv and runner Chris Bellamy have announced that that Bellamy would be completing the event wearing some unconventional marathon footwear: flip-flops. The company constructs the sandals using a shopper’s preferred design and specific foot measurements, which the customer inputs via their smartphone.

Upon printing the product, the software takes into account foot length, width, volume, and toe spacing. The system then selects the desired size of the arch, contour of the heel and the specific placement of the thong between the toes. Currently, the company issues the same production procedure with its line of custom insoles.

While the bespoke 3D sandals aren’t due for a wider release until this Spring, Bellamy claims the footwear is “as comfortable and supportive as just about any athletic shoe.”

In a press release, Bellamy revealed, “We spent many sleepless nights driving fairly radical innovations in design and materials, and optimizing for biomechanics and comfort. So I am not worried at all about going the full 26.2 miles,” he said. “We’ve re-engineered every part of the traditional flip-flop to design the most comfortable, optimized sandal ever created, and I’ve had this marathon in the back of my mind through every decision we made,” he added.

The 2018 Boston Marathon will take place April 16.

In case you missed it, check out Nike’s “Art of a Champion” collection in celebration of the NBA Playoffs. 

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