10 Under the Radar Artists to Discover This Week

If there’s one thing that gets most of us music-lovers through the day, it’s discovering new artists. Whether we’re scrolling through SoundCloud looking for mood tunes to help alleviate a case of the Mondays or listening to a mixtape someone has sent our way, not a day goes by without a fresh discovery playing in our offices.

Since our inboxes tend to get inundated with projects from artists interested in coverage, we use each Wednesday to spotlight some of the quietly wondrous musicians that find their way to us every week. These artists may not have conquered the Billboard 100 (yet) but they’ve all got something unique to offer, and they’re all worth getting to know.

Scroll through to see our 10 under the radar artists to discover this week, and stay tuned for a fresh selection next week.

Where: Stockholm
What They’ve Been Working On: Basking in the glory of her just-released debut album Suicidal Thoughts 1995.
Sounds Like: A drug high that actually scares you for a bit but is still profoundly transcendent and also just like, a great effing time.

Where: South Florida
What They’ve Been Working On: The Cam’s 3-Day Weekend EP, a collection of songs that seems as wonderfully laid back as its title inspiration.
Sounds Like: Getting ghosted twice in one week and giving up on happiness until you suddenly get a SuperLike on Tinder.

Where: London
What They’ve Been Working On: Supporting the release of his second EP, Before We Begin.
Sounds Like: Rolling up to the club on a night so cold that your cigarette freezes mid inhale.

Where: Berlin
What They’ve Been Working On: Their upcoming debut EP PATHS, which was just given an ornate music video for the title track.
Sounds Like: If you were able to look at the natural world and find harmony within it the way a dragonfly does.

Where: Liverpool
What They’ve Been Working On: The very well-named debut EP An Extended Play out this Friday, April 13, only bettered by the name ‘Pizzagirl.’
Sounds Like: When you look back on your first major relationship and you only remember the good things, all of them bathed in warmth and pink lighting.

Where: London
What They’ve Been Working On: Their debut EP Hollow Bones, out next Friday, April 20.
Sounds Like: Going on a romantic horseback ride with bae and gazing into a rapturous sunset.

Where: Berlin
What They’ve Been Working On: Gearing up for the physical release of their acclaimed album Shady Lights, help make it happen through their pledge campaign.
Sounds Like: A disciple of Prince who left Paisely Park on an inter-dimensional spirit quest and has come back to tell of their travels.

Where: Berlin
What They’ve Been Working On: The Norwegian duo are fresh from the release of their impressive, eerie debut full-length Deep Wave.
Sounds Like: Hiding in an icy, enchanted forest from a witch trying to cook you in a large cauldron.

Where: Vienna
What They’ve Been Working On: Connecting with LA rapper G.L.A.M. on the wonderfully-woozy party-starter of a single “Out Here”.
Sounds Like: Doing one of those party challenges that involve hitting a bong and chugging a beer at once then diving right into a pool.

Where: Atlanta
What They’ve Been Working On: Linking up with Lil Yachty for “23”, a good taste of his upcoming debut EP. Oh, and he’s also only 18-years old.
Sounds Like: A very well-executed banger with sharply witty bars that come from an MC who is at least of legal age to drink.

Be sure to check out last week’s edition right here.

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