Drake & Taylor Swift the Victims of YouTube Hack

Hackers have targeted a series of YouTube videos, including Drake’s “God’s Plan” and “Hotline Bling,” alongside Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s hit “Despacito.”

Songs by Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were also affected by the hack. All the videos had been uploaded by VEVO.

The hackers changed the song’s names to “Hacked by Prosox & Kuroi’sh” and wrote “Free Palestine” in some of the video descriptions.

Many of the YouTube clips had their thumbnails replaced — the video for “Despacito” was changed to feature an image of a masked gang with guns, a still from Netflix’s La Casa de Papel.

A Twitter account claiming to be one of the hackers wrote: “@YouTube Its just for fun I just use script “youtube-change-title-video” and I write “hacked” don’t judge me I love youtube <3″

YouTube has yet to publicly comment on the breach. The videos in question were then deleted, though it’s unclear if YouTube or the hackers were responsible. The videos are now back on the streaming site.

In other music news, we broke down A$AP Rocky’s ‘fits in the “A$AP Forever” video.

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