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Swedish label Our Legacy has, over the course of its decade-plus career, earned a reputation as one of the most interesting and straight-up dope menswear labels around. The label regularly re-works staple garments with unusual fabrics, oddball quirks and weirdo styling. The latest chapter of the brand’s journey takes the form of WORK SHOP, an innovative retail space that combines a creative studio with a store.

Unlike your usual retail operation, WORK SHOP deals in one-off oddities and gems, curated by the Our Legacy crew and divided into nine different programs.

The craft line (aka A.1) is all about re-purposing old Our Legacy pieces into new creations (i.e., a puffer jacket that’s been turned into a backpack). Old OL garments are given new love via the deadstock (A.2), recycle (A.4) and upcycle (A.5) processes. Sales samples (A.3), pre-owned pieces from Our Legacy customers and staff (A.7) and reference pieces (A.9) are available for history fans, as well as kids pieces (A.6) and a curated selection of objects, like furniture, records and books (A.8).

To celebrate the opening of WORK SHOP, the brand even decked out one of London’s Black Cabs with its own branded iconography.

Our Legacy founder Jockum Hallin took Highsnobiety on a guided tour of some of his favorite pieces that can be found at the store. Be sure to stop by the concept space should you be in London’s East End.

Our Legacy “WORK SHOP”

4 Garden Walk

A.2 DEADSTOCK: Akane Moriyama Parka

“Akane Moriyama is a very talented Japanese fabric artist living in Stockholm. One time we assigned her to dye all these technical fabrics in soft acid tones for our SS14 collection, “Syndrome.” She moves the fabrics from one color bath to another by hand, with flow and timing determining the outcome.”

A.5 UPCYCLE: Box Long-sleeve

“WORK SHOP DNA merchandise, made proudly from residue fabrics in Portugal, printed by hand in Stockholm.”

A.9 REFERENCE: Flight Overall

“For our SS18 collection we worked with the theme of different material overalls cut in half, making a jacket and a trouser, then mixing them. This is the reference piece for the army air force version.”

A.5 UPCYCLE: Gore-Tex Camouflage Parka

“A US Army Gore-Tex parka, with a setting yin yang sun, hand-painted by our in house artist hank. One of the best jacket silhouettes ever, upcycled for soulful mountain shredding.”

A.6 KIDS: Hawaii Shirt

“The kids should be alright in these graffiti palms custom-printed Japanese rayon coconut buttoned Hawaiian shirts.”

A.7 LEGACY: Indigo Fringe Knit

“Classic ´Legacy style circa 2012, rescued from my basement.”

A.7 LEGACY: Little Coat

“Internally a legendary piece. Very few made back in 2009, and even fewer understood them back then. Clearly Margiela hey-day inspired.”

A.1 CRAFT: Work Shop Puffed Backpack

“Is one thing better than another? Is a puffed back pack better than the puffed parka it used to be?”

A.7 LEGACY: Smile Sweat

“We got a cease to desist letter from The Smiley Corporation for the Our Legacy 2013 “Smile” collection, urging us to take all smile sweats off the overheated market or meet them in court. Then they changed their mind because they were really feeling us and the way we had used (stolen) their trademarked logo.”

A.4 RECYCLE: Work Chucks

“When our own stuff is not enough, we start messing with other peoples’. Deadstock ’70s Chuck Taylors over-dyed signature orange in the WORK SHOP mothership in Stockholm.”

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