Levi’s Sues KENZO Over the Use of Similar Jean Pocket Tabs

Levi Strauss has filed a lawsuit against KENZO, according to The Business of Fashion. The denim brand has accused Kenzo of trademark infringement for putting tabs on the back of its jean’s pockets, included in its recent line with Britney Spears.

Levi’s claim that KENZO’s pocket tabs confuse shoppers, could cause Levi’s to lose sales and “incalculable and irreparable damage” to its brand. Since 1936, Levi Strauss has used pocket tags featuring the company’s name on all its denim products.

According to the lawsuit, KENZO ignored multiple cease and desist requests asking for items with the pocket tags to be removed from sale.

Levi’s suing KENZO is just the latest in a long line of lawsuits in the fashion world. Last week, OFF-WHITE filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against counterfeit sellers, while most recently, Hedi Slimane was awarded $11.5 million in his court case against Saint Laurent.

In other fashion news, RAINS SS18 is a how-to in executing minimal Scandi style.

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