Paris Hilton's Reaction to Finding Lost $2 Million Engagement Ring Was Epic

Paris Hilton

Reunited with $2M Engagement Ring

And It Feels So … YAAASS!

3/28/2018 12:50 AM PDT


It’s true, Paris Hilton somehow temporarily lost her $2 million engagement ring at a rave — but that’s not the craziest part of this story … her reaction to finding it was way better.

In case you hadn’t heard … Paris’ super expensive, 20-carat bling flew off her finger this weekend while she and her fiance, Chris Zylka, were partying it up at EDM group Above & Beyond‘s concert in Miami. She says it was so heavy, it slipped right off her hand.

Chris and a mini search party — including movie and music exec Mike Burns — had to go searching for the rock, which Chris eventually found in a nearby ice bucket. This video shows what happened immediately after the clutch find … including Paris’ freak-out.

We’ll say this … Paris hooked herself a good one in Chris. She also seems to have some great pals who’ll whip out the magnifying glasses at peak whomping hours.

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