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    Los Angeles Cutting Up to $150 Million From LAPD Budget

    Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has announced a plan to cut between $100 million to $150 million from the LAPD budget. As many are calling to defund the police following the murder of George Floyd by white police officer Derek Chauvin, Los Angeles will now reinvest the $100 million to $150 million from the LAPD’s […] More

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    Brain Dead T-Shirt Raises $500K for Black & LGBTQ Communities

    Brain Dead has raised $500,000 from its collaborative T-shirt release with Dev Hynes. All proceeds are being donated to The Movement for Black Lives, which represents the interests of black communities, and the LGBTQ Freedom Fund. The T-shirt, which was available for 48 hours only, features Brain Dead’s signature head motif on the front, paired […] More

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    An Anti-Racism Reading List for Self-Education

    Though there are many facets to the centuries-long hold of white privilege and systemic racism, education has a huge role to play in both the longevity and dismantling of these issues. In the UK, we studied kings and queens while the parts about Britain’s appalling role in the slave trade and countless other acts in […] More

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    Na-Kel Smith Talks Racism Within the Skateboarding Industry

    Na-Kel Smith has opened up about his personal experiences of racism within the — predominantly white — professional skateboarding industry. During a recent Instagram Live session with Kevin White and Mikey Alfred, Smith detailed instances in which his white colleagues have taken advantage of their privilege. While refusing to provide a list of names, he did […] More

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    How to Support Black Lives Matter If You’re In Europe

    The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week has incited a powerful wave of protests against police brutality in America. The movement has rapidly spread worldwide, with many people in Europe’s major cities also taking a stand against racism. The fight against anti-blackness goes way beyond the US and it is important for Europeans to identify their […] More

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    This Is Why People Are Calling to Defund the Police

    If the last week of protests and the decades of institutionalized violence that preceded it have taught us anything, it is that the police force has become all too powerful. The lack of accountability for officers’ actions became blatantly and painfully obvious with the murder of George Floyd last week. In response, multiple activist groups are demanding a change, and […] More

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    How Brands Can Actually Take Anti-Racist Action

    The tragic death of George Floyd has erupted a volcano that has been simmering for a very long time. This time feels different, and hopefully it will be. It’s the first time I have seen non-POC vocally acknowledging and understanding their privilege (or at least trying to). Some are finally as outraged with bias, prejudice, […] More

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    Why Short-Sighted, Surface-Level Activism Posts Don’t Help the Message

    On Black Out Tuesday, also known as June 2nd, the Internet was working on a racial activism campaign, absorbing the bloodstream of media resources that have flooded our timelines over the past few days. Following the horrific death of George Floyd at the hands of police brutality, we witnessed a globally scheduled “Blackout Day” in […] More

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    As Independent Fashion Brands Donate, Many Big Businesses Stay Silent

    “Defend and support by any means necessary. Black liberation, families, businesses and resources,” A-COLD-WALL*’s Samuel Ross wrote on Instagram Tuesday afternoon. The message is clear, those with the means to do so must contribute beyond activism on their feeds. For Ross, this step-up means setting two clear actions in motion, with more to follow. Firstly, […] More

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    Support Black Lives Matter With These Charity T-Shirts and More

    T-shirts and hoodies have always been the cornerstone of streetwear for a reason: designers can pack a lot of messaging and style into a graphic, allowing wearers to showcase their tastes, interests, and beliefs by simply putting one on. Today, at a time when it’s more important than ever to let the world know where […] More

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